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How Small Businesses can Boost their Sales with Email Automation in 2016

Do you prefer sending manual emails to every person when they sign up for your email list?


Is it better to automate the whole process to connect with the consumers at a deeper level?

Time is money.

Small business owners don’t have enough time to send emails to every person manually. It is logical to choose the second option to concentrate on a bigger question:

How to develop a long-lasting relationship with your prospects?

Email automation is a short and sweet answer.

Business owners must focus on tapping the power of email marketing because 81% of US online shoppers make additional purchases via online or store after getting email based on their previous shopping behaviors.

Three Solid Ideas for extracting more sales out of email automation:

Nurture Your Leads

Most small businesses forget this fundamental truth:

There is no shortage of demand in the market. There is a shortage of patience in business owners.

To convert your prospects into recurring buyers, you must educate them with the series of lead nurturing emails. It is a one-time task. After forming the series of mail, leave everything to your email marketing tool.

Five Important Questions for building a successful nurture mail series:

What is your topic of discussion?

If you start the interaction by placing yourself at the center, your first conversation becomes the last one. Develop a habit of listening. Concentrate on your target audience. Understand their pain points.

Are you promoting the product or the value of the product?

In the beginning, don’t disclose anything about your product. Instead of talking about your product, discuss the value of your product.

In competitive markets, many sellers sell a similar product. To rise above all of them, focus on providing the value to your consumers.

Why should someone buy your product?

Before selling, start looking at your product from buyer’s perspective. Why do they want to make a switch to your product?

What problems are they facing with existing ones in the market? By analyzing the loopholes of your competitors, educate your readers by highlighting the importance of your product.

Are you just stuffing or providing some real facts?

Real life stories have a long-lasting impact on buyer’s psyche. When you share some case studies of your previous happy customers, new ones see a ray of hope. It gives them a solid reason to try your product.

Is it enough?

If all the above information is not sufficient for generating revenue, don’t lose hope. Send a free e-book or whitepaper to your leads by explaining the utility of your product in depth.

Email Courses

In email course, a topic is delivered in the form of mail series. It is important for three main reasons:

Brand Awareness: It creates an authoritative image in your market. When you move ahead with the intention of educating your customers, they spread your brand with their near and dear ones.

Trust Generation: When people recognize your brand, they start generating trust with your product. It becomes easy to sell your product.

Boost in Subscriber’s rate: When you provide valuable information in the form of structured course, people start showing interest by sharing their email address. As a result, you have more chance to boost your sales.

Buffer, social media management tool, educate the readers with ‘7 days 7 email courses‘. As they are social media management company, they have chosen topics like ‘Social Media 101’ and ‘Twitter Tips for Beginners’.

You can also set up an automated email course related to your business. You just need to form a landing page to take your subscriber’s email address. Then, the emails are being sent out at different intervals to them.

Surprise and Involve Your Customers

How does it feel when someone gives you a surprise gift on your birthday?

It feels awesome, isn’t? You remember it for a long time.

In a similar manner, you can surprise your subscribers by making their birthday more special by sending a special discount coupon email.

It becomes difficult to ignore such kind of special offers. On one hand, you have a great chance to sell your product. On other, you develop a strong bond with your customers.

You just have to ask for customer’s birth date during the sign-up process. Then, set up an automated recurring email based on the individual’s date of birth.Apart from surprising, You can involve your customers in two ways:

1) In your welcome mail, ask questions from your new subscribers. As customers are the backbone of any successful company, this interaction turns out to be productive for the overall growth of your business.

After your employees, your target audience is the best source for getting valuable feedbacks. They’ll give an unbiased opinion about your product. Customers feel good when a company implements their feedback for product improvement

2) Free trial helps buyers to experience the product’s utility for a limited period. Recently, I signed up for 7-day trial process of Videoscribe. I learned a lot from their Automated Bootcamp whiteboard animation beginners videos which landed directly in my inbox.

Most Important Question:

Which email marketing software to choose in this vast digital sea of competition?

Review’s team conducted an in-depth analysis of email marketing services. After investigating 69 email marketing services and 93 email marketing features, Getresponse was the clear winner.

Despite getting strong evidence, I didn’t stop my research. I went through various email marketing review videos and articles. In the end, I came across a Getresponse Review in PC magazine.

Molly K. McLaughlin gave a thumbs up for this email marketing software with an excellent editorial rating. One-month free trial provides ample opportunity for making a buying decision. From small business’ point of view, they provide affordable and efficient services.

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