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LeverageB2B Sales and Marketing Solutions

The LeverageB2B concept is simple. A consistent, integrated sales and marketing solution drives revenue. By tackling every facet of the process – data management, marketing, lead generation and sales we afford our clients the ability to focus on doing what they do best while we handle all of their business development needs. Whether you are in need of one service or a complete sales and marketing department, Leverage has you covered. Our professional staff will craft an integrated sales and marketing solution that is not only suitable to your goals but will exceed your expectations.

              Direct Sales


Generate Revenue

We identify sales opportunities, build and maintain ongoing professional relationships with your prospects and work closely with you to close deals. Each sales campaign is developed to reach the defined target market, resulting in maximum visibility and higher closing ratios.


         Lead Generation


Build the Pipeline

Integrated calls, email and social marketing provide the foundation to set qualified, valuable meetings for your company. Our solution-based sales approach is focused on the prospects need and not on one size fits all sales scripts. We qualify leads based on your required criteria and set appointments with qualified prospects, or invite to attend upcoming events. We are an extension of your company.

      Marketing & Creative


Audience Engagement

We translate your brand and product into concepts that people understand, value and want. Creative web design, search engine optimization, logos, social media content, white papers, niche email blasts, press releases, presentations and much more. Marketing campaigns bring out the best of LeverageB2B’s strategic, creative and execution resources. From concept to final delivery, our team orchestrates all components to ensure cohesive, objectives driven messaging.

         Data Management


Target Niche Markets

Our custom built, targeted databases are the foundation of an integrated sales and marketing campaign. We segment and prioritize databases based on each campaign and verify the accuracy of your existing lists. Our Data Management team orchestrates the entire process – including strategic direction, budgeting, planning and program implementation.

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