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The LeverageB2B Approach

Why hire a Business Development Specialist?


High growth companies are outpacing their competitors and accelerating new market entries by employing Business Development Specialist. Rather than expand sales teams these innovative CEO's have used Specialist to dramatically increase sales and achieve rapid market penetration.


If your company is planning to expand into new customer segments or new territories, the most time-efficient and cost-effective method is to use Business Development Specialist. The benefits include: 


  • Hiring a Business Development Specialist can result in both increased sales and reduced marketing costs.


  • Companies that work with sales partners have significantly accelerated their time to market and shortened their sales cycles.


  • A Business Development Specialist can diversify a company's sales channel and expand the reach to new customers.


  • Overall marketing ROI is improved because of higher close rates and lower costs per sale that a specialized firm can deliver.


To find out how hiring a Business Development Specialist can better enable you to enter new markets and increase sales performance, schedule a consultation with a Leverage Business Development Consultant. Call 404-919-9519 to schedule your consultation. 

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Why Leverage Solutions? 


Account Management

Our account management teams orchestrate the entire process--including strategic direction, budgeting, planning and program implementation. Our teams work diligently to develop a complete and turn-key roll-out of our services that exceed client expectations that are delivered on schedule.


Strategic Planning

We are committed to creating winning strategies for the brands we represent. We look at the brand from the viewpoint of the audience and develop niche strategies to enhance the relationship between the brand and audience.



Corporations demand greater accountability from their sales organizations and marketing campaigns. We embrace accountability and allow our clients to stop reacting and start leading. We do not think in terms of short term solutions, rather we think in terms ofbusiness building solutions. We develop campaigns which deliver high levels of brand awareness for our clients while adhering to the strict ROI requirements in which a campaign can be seen as not only successful, but profitable. 

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