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Want A High Performance Small Biz Sales Team? Learn Analytics Now

  • 33% of high-performing small business service teams are already using predictive analytics.

  • 34% percent of small business marketers identify as heavy tech adopters.

  • Small business sales teams’ mobile app use will grow by 140% in the next two years.

  • Growth in marketing automation among small businesses will jump 143% within 12 months.

These and other insights are from the Salesforce Research’s latest report, Benchmarks for Small Business Growth (free, opt-in, 22 pp.). Interviews and surveys with 3,812 full-time global sales, service, and marketing leaders from small businesses based in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand form the foundation of the study. Salesforce defines small businesses as those between one with 100 employees. For a description of the methodology, please see page 2 of the study. While many software vendors routinely produce research surveys, Salesforce provides an impartial view of small businesses’ adoption of technologies to deliver greater customer experiences.

The study revealed six major themes among small businesses. These include how pervasively mobile apps are used to boost productivity in small businesses; reliance on data and analytics to drive customer-centric decisions; teams scale with automation, social, and mobile marketing; talent retention is a priority; quick tech adoption lends a competitive edge, and customer experience is a company-wide focus.

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