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Business Development

The LeverageB2B Concept



Our passion is entrepreneurship and our approach is very simple. STRATEGY - CREATIVITY - HARD WORK and ACCOUNTABILITY generates revenue and drives growth.


For over 40 years we’ve been building companies and helping entrepreneurs with their marketing and sales challenges. We’ve “walked the talk” and been successful across multiple industries and disciplines, including professional services, technology, financial services, manufacturing and consumer goods.


Today we are focused on working with professional services firms, including new and emerging, and solo professionals. We have a passion for entrepreneurship and we're astounded by the depth of talent in small businesses. We've also seen how many of these businesses are struggling or failing to live up to their potential simply because their marketing and selling strategies are not up to par.


Our mission is to become the most valued partner for the corporations, entrepreneurs and sales professionals whose interest we represent by helping them get the clients and recognition they deserve.

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